AVIVA: A locally owned business in Mandeville, Louisiana, putting the “Therapy” in massage & related well-being, body, mind, spirit, services.

Right from the beginning, owner and practitioner, Linda Strickland, wanted clients to know that this is a therapeutic process whether their session is for a relaxing Swedish massage, for chronic pain, injury or another deep focus. Some view massage as a luxury, but that relegates this valuable work to a level most people see as occasional. Research bares out that consistent, regular sessions bring results and help maintain that peace many have come to know. You say you are having stress and just need an occasion tune up?  Talk with Linda about other services that compliment the massage therapy, as well as learn more about The Frequent User Plan.

This experience isn’t just for other people.  It is for you.  While she welcomes everyone, be it the occasional session to weekly, she wants you to know the proof is already in the pudding about how good it feels to take care of yourself regularly. No matter the service, Linda’s focus is on you and your needs, which allows her to offer the best service available. That is probably why she and her business has been voted the “BEST” on several occasions by readers of a local women’s magazine.

What else is wonderful at AVIVA?  The environment is unhurried leading to the opportunity to de-stress and let go.  Stress has been shown to dramatically impact our health and well-being, so even if you are not dealing with situations that AVIVA often address, such as muscular injuries, aches and pains, or chronic pain, there are plenty of other instances that can bring you to AVIVA. Other services can assist you as the whole being you are. Allow Linda to be your well-being partner and assist the individual you are.

About Your Well-Being Practitioner: Linda L. Strickland, LMT

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It can be difficult to know what is important from person to person with massage. Some call the office looking for just a basic relaxation and some have specific issues that are creating pain and discomfort. After 18 years of massaging I’m not  sure how important it is that I have a BA degree from Mississippi State University in Sociology or my work history includes retail sales, banking, healthcare, and more. Is it important to know every continuing education class I have taken? Do you want to know the community groups I have been in or are in now? Such as being with the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. Or that I served as a Vice-Chair & Chair for the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy?

So, in the end don’t you want to know what I can do for you? I am not a magician. People do tend to say I have healing hands, but ultimately, I am a trained healthcare professional licensed by the state of Louisiana. The other modalities I practice such as Hypnotherapy or Reiki are not included in the massage license. In fact, in the state of Louisiana, there is no license for those modalities but I will tell you I am competent in all that I practice. Is everyone coming to me satisfied? You would have to ask them; the work is subjective.

My intention is to do my best to assist you in your session request. If you have an issue that requires more than one session, I am going to tell you that because it is my professional opinion.

I look forward to assisting you in your well-being journey.