My Reiki session was very relaxing and benificial. I left feeling 100% better than when I walked in to Aviva. My energy level is picking up and I am sleeping better each night. I even notice a change in my attitude that I would like to contribute to the Reiki session and you expert knowledge. ~J.B.

In Pain

Went to Linda after injuring a muscle and her knowledge and experience was very reassuring when i didnt know where to turn. Although there was some discomfort with my massages she helped me through the acute pain and told me what to do to begin my slow recovery. Cant wait to go back when I’m fully recovered for a relaxing pain free massage which I know she’ll do wonderfully. ~H.K.

My feet feel so good.

I love my feet being massaged. Then I found out that I could have reflexology and massage and feel better in only 30 minutes. Every few weeks I schedule 30 minutes and it changes my attitude. ~R.S.


Linda always does her magic she is the best……bottom line I always feel better ….Thank You ~M.H.

One word: Healing

Enjoyed the massages, but knew there were other healing services, so began to have sessions combining Hypnotherapy and Reiki. I never knew how deeply relaxed I could be. I thought massage was fantastic, but this deepness was different. I still have massage regularly, but occasionally have the Hypno/Reiki combo. It is not specifically listed on the services. ~L.R..

Balance To My Day

Since I’ve treated myself to consistent monthly sessions, my overall composure is much more settled and balanced. Dispite occasional stressful times, I always leave Aviva (and Linda) in an uplifted frame of mind and attitude. I also really prefer doing business with a locally owned business . With the pleasant atmosphere, aromatherapy and knowledgeable owner, Linda is the one. ~A.S.

Linda’s Healing Hands

“I’ve been getting a massage with Linda once a month for a few years – she is the best. She always asks if there is anything new – ache, sore or place she needs to focus. She has an uncanny way of reading your body and knowing just what places need extra focus. She is terrific!” ~ C.K.

Head to toe workout!

“I just bookmarked this page because Aviva is definitely a favorite. Thank you so much, Linda!” ~ K.R.

The perfect massage

“Linda focused a lot on my feet going to the end of the massage.It was only then that I realized that I forgot to tell her that Severe cramps in my feet the last several weeks had prevented me from getting a good nights sleep.That night I slept soundly for the first time in days. How did she know?” ~ K.J.

Great Experience

“Linda is always great and I look forward to my monthly visits – always feel great when I leave!” ~ C.W.


“Wonderful prenatal massage!! Thanks so much Linda!” ~ S.J.


“Linda has magic hands!” ~ J.A.

Wonderful Massage

“Great way to relieve stress and tension and receive personal attention. Enjoyed it so much that I bought the package and look forward to my sessions!” ~ C.W.


“Best massage ever, hands down! THANK YOU LINDA!!” ~ C.B.

Pain Free

“Today I am pain free–YEA!!!! After my massage (five days ago), I still had some sciatic pain but it was not as intense as it had been. Yesterday, it was slight and today none. I appreciate the advice to prevent this from occurring in the future. Today, I even took my dog for a walk–she thinks Linda is great since her advice was to walk. Linda Strickland is wonderful. Thank you so very much.” ~ J.B.

The Best Ever!

“I truly believe in the healing power of massage and have been receiving regular massages either weekly or bi-weekly for the past 20 – 30 years and I can honestly say that Linda has truly healing hands and a healing spirit. No matter how stressed out I am or how much pain I am experiencing, Linda always seems to find and know exactly what to do to make me all better. I thank God that I found her. She is a true miracle worker!” ~ C.M.

Relaxed and pain free!

“Linda managed to work out my back/hip problems without causing more pain (as I’ve occasionally experienced with other massages). Loved the stuff she put on the painful area following the massage…”ice” lotion (I forgot the name, but it was great and lasted for several hours afterwards!) I highly recommend her! ” ~ D.M.

Linda’s Magic Fingers

“Linda listens first and then decides what needs to be done that day. She does have magic fingers! Thanks Linda for using your gifts!” ~ J.A.

A Healing Place

“I’ve known Linda for years and she is and has always been very professional, courteous and kind. She is probably the most trained human being I have every met. She is not afraid of trying something new – especially if it will benefit a client. It’s the individual client that she loves. Linda always takes the time to listen to the other’s needs. Linda’s interests are helping her clients to heal and to live their lives to their the fullest with the most joy and happiness. There is a reason why Linda was voted the best – she is the BEST.” ~ B.P.


“More than a basic relaxation massage, the sessions at AVIVA are bodywork. Whatever the changes are from session to session are addressed. I feel the shifts in my body and feel like the “gunk” has been pulled out of my body and mind.” ~ L.R.

The place for me

“I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Linda uses massage, polarity, and breathing to help me with my healing. Because AVIVA does individualized client plans AVIVA is the place for me!!” ~ J.A.


“Aviva is not your average spa. You can not get the personal care at a cookie cutter franchised spa. Healing is the focus at Aviva.” ~ R.L.