Website Corrections

Well, I’ll be brief. I usually want to write something inspiring, insightful or educational, but today is different. I don’t log onto the backside of my webpage often, but this evening I was looking at what I needed to tweek and found some changes that I am not capable of fixing. Yes, they need a fix because apparently someone has been making changes to my webpage. So any “?” marks you see will take me some time to clear up. For the jokester I don’t think you will guess the password this time.

Please bare with me as corrections are made to the site.

SOLE Sessions

image002Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve added to my AVIVA blog. Blogging, which is for all practical purpose, writing articles, takes time. The last few years I have been involved with a lot of the massage industry, both promotional and regulatory, boards. It has been an enlightening experience. I didn’t leave my practice, though. I’ve been here the whole time providing many different healing and well-being services. [Read more…]

Caregiver’s Self-Care

caregivingAre you a caregiver? To some extent most of us are. And while females tend to experience the path of caregiving to a greater extent, more males are joining women on that journey. When we hear the term, ‘Caregiver’, there’s a tendency to think of those assisting an aging loved one, but that is not really the case. Caregiving is just what the word implies: giving care. So while more and more of those who choose to give care, are there for an aging relative, that role exists on all levels from caring for children, caring for a chronically ill person, caring for someone with an acute illness or many other situations. It can be a rewarding experience, it can also be fraught with stress, burnout, exhaustion and even illness or death for the caregiver. [Read more…]

Pecan Trees and Lipstick

Royalty-Pecan-Farms-TreeDid you think your mother was a princess when you were little? I did. A few years ago, I told my mother that. She thought it was funny. You see if you have met my mother, you know she is not really the princess type. She was never that type by any stretch of the imagination. But that is what I thought growing up. I had an imagination. Not the kind that told lots of lies but the creative kind. My mother said she knew I was creative so she tried not to reign me in too much.
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Research for Reduced Pain

This month I’m going send you, via a link, to the American Massage Therapy Association site for information regarding studies on various conditions whereby  massage therapy helps those conditions improve. Research has become a driving force in showing the efficacy of this valuable healing tool. On that same page is a video with Dr. Brent Bauer of the well known Mayo Clinic speaking on how a body of research continues to show how effective massage is for so many different conditions, but more important is how it reduces stress. Don’t downplay the role of stress in illness, as well as how it often gets in the way of a full recovery. When I had surgery I assure you that I had healing touch begin while I was still in the hospital.

So, please enjoy the information. As always I welcome discussion.

Pain reduction:

Clarity of Purpose

I have one of my clients to thank for this blog topic. We were at a function, talking about my recent newsletter and she asked me, “How do I figure out what kind of massage I need?” Not only was that a great question, it was significant. I realized in the moment I needed to go in to my website and make some changes to create clarity. It is on my work list now. But I am creating new business cards and a new brochure that I hope will be clear and simple. I am always reviewing and revisiting my printed and online information as to be clearer about the services I offer and the work I perform.
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As folks seeking out massage go, there are some who only go in for massage when someone gives then a gift certificate, those who go in now and then for a tune up for stress relief, those who experience acute pain related to a chronic condition and those who see their massage therapist on regular set basis, be it once a week, every other week, every three weeks or once a month. Receiving a massage, no matter how often, can be fantastic, but if you want to receive the full value of the benefits listed on massage sites or brochures, frequency does matter to your body and mind. Frequent, regular massage is a healthcare issue.  Massage therapy writer, Anne Williams, states that, “People who get massage regularly demonstrate a reduction in pain and muscular tension”. Commitments are made regularly to a change in fitness and diet. Making a commitment to massage therapy would make a noticeable difference in their lives.

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What is it? It is not massage therapy, but it is bodywork. Bodywork is the larger umbrella under which massage exists, as does reflexology, all the image002different Eastern influenced body styles, Rolfing, and so many other related hands on work. But, to be clear, in the state of Louisiana, if you practice Reflexology for financial compensation, you must be a licensed massage therapist. The definition for massage therapy is about the manipulation of soft tissue. When you are practicing Reflexology you are pressing into soft tissue and that requires a massage license.

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Massage Works

Why does massage work? You may have heard that it reduces pain, helps muscles recover, helps reduce inflammation, improves circulation, and relaxes your achy muscles. But does it work? Early in 2012, a study was published in the February 1 issue of Science Translational Medicine, to help establish more evidence with regard to the usefulness of massage therapy.

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Typical or Not

I was going to start off with: A day in the life of a massage therapist, but I am not only a massage therapist. I am trained in several body, mind, spirit modalities, and massage just happens to be only my most recent (almost 14 years ago) and regular training, but the only one with a license. So this will be a day in the life of a body, mind, spirit practitioner.

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